Chiropractic Massage Therapy

If pain, tension, and discomfort are regular parts of your day, it’s time to make a change. Through massage therapy and other services in the hands of Dr. Todd Grubb at Capac Chiropractic in Capac, MI, you can find relief.

Benefits of Combining Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy

When you’re suffering from pain in your spinal column, it’s often due to more than one thing. For example, the root cause might be a misalignment, but that misalignment might be putting pressure on your nerves, muscles, or tendons. Or muscle tension might put additional strain on your spine, leading to misalignment, disc compression, and more.

As spinal column pain and discomfort is typically such a complex issue, it requires comprehensive treatment. Combining massage therapy and chiropractic care is one very effective method for such treatment.

Chiropractic care focuses on the hard tissues of the body, specifically the bones and joints. It is designed to ensure that each component of the spine is aligned as it should be, which helps to relieve compression on the soft tissues.

Massage therapy focuses on the soft tissues of the body, such as the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. It helps to relieve pain, tension, and inflammation in these areas, as well as increase blood flow and the flow of healing nutrients to the damaged area. As this occurs, it takes undue pressure off of the spinal column.

Alone, each of these treatments can produce great results. However, when they are combined, they can enhance healing, reduce recovery time, and improve health and wellness overall. And they can do so for pain in your neck, back, and your extremities – even when the pain feels like it's coming from somewhere else. 

Individualized Approach to Pain Relief in Capac, MI

No two patients suffer from the same exact issues – no matter how similar they might seem. In addition to the root cause of the condition, everyone has different habits, hobbies, work tasks, and other factors that can significantly impact their body.

As such, no one treatment plan can address everyone’s needs. That’s why Dr. Grubb at Capac Chiropractic provides a customized approach to healing. In addition to traditional chiropractic methods and massage therapy, he offers several other treatment options. This ensures that every single patient gets a personalized approach to health, wellness, and pain relief.

Don’t suffer from pain and discomfort another day. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Grubb at Capac Chiropractic in Capac, MI for massage therapy and other services by calling (810) 395-2679 today.

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