Graston Technique

Have you heard about or seen advertisements for the Graston Technique and wondered if it could help you? We at Capac Chiropractic in Michigan are here to answer some of your questions about this great manual therapy. Give our office a call at 810-395-2679 for more information or to get an appointment.

What is the Graston Technique and How Does it Work?

A form of manual therapy, the Graston Technique is a patented way to do muscle mobilizations with a curated set of stainless steel tools. Clinicians in the technique are trained to use these tools to locate muscle restrictions and knots and break up that tissue so that function and mobility are restored.

Benefits from the Graston Technique

The Graston Technique has been around for over a decade and yet patients are still unaware of its benefits and uses. There are several benefits that are had from going through the Graston Technique, some of these are:

•      Mobility improvement

•      Pain relief

•      Range of Motion increase

If you are a candidate for this technique, you’ll find that muscle pain and stiffness are the first things to improve. Movement and range of motion soon follow, making this a great tool set in the right hands to help heal your body and increase your quality of life.

Benefits are quick to be seen, with many patients seeing real results in mobility improvement in just a session or two.

If you’d like to talk more about the Graston Technique or experience it for yourself, call 810-395-2679 for an appointment at Capac Chiropractic. We’re experts in getting you feeling better and keeping you in prime health in the Capac, MI area.

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